solutions if you havent got activation code

8 04 2008

If you are here, you probably signed up for CO.NR service but haven’t got your Activation code yet.

Here is a simple step-by-step guide on what to do in this case:

Step 1: Please wait
Please give it some time. Say, 10 hours, as emails are sometimes delayed somewhere between servers.

Step 2: Check it
If no any emails from CO.NR in 10 hours, please check if your account is approved.

Type in your browser the domain name you applied for, e.g. , check for the message and go to Step 3

Step 3: Approved or Not?
If you see the message “Domain name: – is not in our database” that means it was either rejected by CO.NR or you didn’t pass the English test.

In this case you can make sure your website meets our Terms of Service and our Rules and also make sure your know English 🙂 and try again in several days.
If upon the second trial you have the same result (no any email from CO.NR) that means your site will not be accepted and you can search for some other simular service

But if you see the message Domain name: – is not Activated yet, please follow to Step 4

Step 4: Does your Email work?

First, check your Junk emails (spam) folder, maybe your Activation code is there 🙂

Also please make sure your email server/service works fine:

1). check if your email works fine by sending a mail from some other address there;
2). make sure your email service does not require any prior authorization (like;
3). remove all the email filters that might deny emails from CO.NR;
4). you can also add to your “white list” or whatever it is called;

When EVERYTHING mentioned above is done, please request your Activation Code again here

and wait at least 10 hours for the Activation email. If no email, please go to Step 5

Step 5: You probably mistyped..
If you still haven’t got any email, it probably means you mistyped entering your email address..

Please DO NOT email us asking to change your email or to do something, we can not help here, but you’d better signup for another account and be careful this time.

And in case you would like exactly that domain name, please wait 2-3 weeks till the unused (not activated) account automatically expires

Thanks for understanding,





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